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When its hot and humid, we sweat. It’s the natural mechanism a body uses to cool off. The evaporative cooling is based on the same principle. It is about climate control. When inside a hot indoor area, let out some of the steam via vents and the temperature inside will cool down. This concept is used to build machines that help us cool the temperature inside our homes and in industrial spaces as well. In fact, humans have applied science to create systems that allow temperature control in a similar manner to grow plants indoors. Evaporative cooling solutions are used in horticulture, poultry, dairy, swine industry.

Usually, the warm air is passed through a pad; water evaporates using energy from this warm air, and the air temperature reduces using a fan and a water pump. This is the basic premise of most evaporative coolers we see in the market.

Hot and humid climates lead to lower productivity in humans. This applies even to homes. People do not feel as fresh as when they are at optimum temperatures. Hence, cooling systems are important to make humans comfortable and as at home as possible for greater gains.

Cooling the temperature can be expensive, to say the least. There are maintenance tasks associated with it. Since technology is involved, a little amount of technology idea is necessary too.

Points to note when buying evaporative cooling systems –

1. The geographical location of the person considering the solution. Do we live in a climate where the evaporative cooling system will work? It is not as efficient as air conditioners in cooling the air. An evaporative cooler running continuously can cool the house up to 20 degrees, however. The cool air produced circulates throughout the space creating an ambient temperature that feels at least six to eight degrees lower. Such type of cooling is effective more for areas that have hot, dry climates such as Melbourne and Victoria. Hence for those looking to cool swamp like areas will find better use of air conditioners and not evaporative coolers.

2. They are energy efficient in that they cost about 50% less to operate than air conditioners. That translates to saved electricity bill. Air conditioners use refrigerants such as Freons to cool the air. But evaporative coolers use just water and air and do less damage to the environment than its more efficient counterpart.

3. This type of cooler works best when there is an open window or door to let in fresh air. This ensures that the air is continuously circulated to keep it fresh than when in an airtight space. It is a natural way to humidify the dry air and help occupants avoid dry air symptoms – itchy eyes and throat or skin.

4. These cooling units are mobile. Some are window-mounted. That leaves you with space on the ground for your other stuff.

5. Maintenance includes regular cleaning of the filter, water curtains, and fans. Care for window mounted system varies a little from the other type. However, they are DIY if you know the works.


For more information check out http://snowman.com.au/heating-and-cooling/evaporative-cooling

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